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Trump Creative Dump: the best out-of-home and out-of-the-box creative inspired by POTUS

Trump Creative Dump

If there is a silver lining to Donald Trump's already controversial presidency, it is that The Donald's decisions are sparking a creative renaissance across arguably the most diverse group of protestors ever assembled to a common cause.

As part of this year's Chip Shop Awards - the creative awards with no rules - The Drum aims to find the public's favourite new creative work that is emerging by the day to make the Potus pout-us. Take, for instance, his Twitter critiques of a resurgent Saturday Night Live – mandatory viewing like the sketches that inspire them.

The Drum has scoured the web in celebration of the most irreverent, effective and even amusing work casting shade over Trump. Over the next four weeks, the finest anti-Trump creative shared will be assembled across the following four categories: ‘Out-of-home and out-of-the-box’, ‘Publishing, print and posters’, ‘Tweets and digital beats’ and finally ‘Fake views! Video’.

First up is 'Out-of-home and out-of-the-box’.

10. Belushi’s sports bar in Paris (Photoshopped Trump face)

9. The Socialist People’s Party of Denmark's Donald Trump bus

8. Stephen O’Neill of AML's Times Square 'Don't' billboard

7. Love Trumps Hate by Planting Peace

6. Donald Trump/Vladimir Putin Kiss mural in Lithuanian capital Vilnius created by artist Mindaugas Bonanu.

5. Cards Against Humanity's really obscure 'Overwatch' reference.

4. Naked Trump statue - New York Central Park.

3. ‘America is Great, Trump is Disgusting’ skywriting over the Rose Parade Pasadena.

2. The Trump Dump by Hanksy in New York.

1. Trump kissing UK foreign sec Boris Johnson in Bristol EU Remain creative.

Don’t forget to share work you think should have made the cut across social channels, not just with The Drum, but anyone who will give it a second glance.

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Check out our follow up, Trump Creative Dump 2: Publishing, print and posters.

Here's an Trump trailer for the series. It's really great.

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