It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia brought to life in VR episode Project Badass by FX and Jaunt

Mac preps his stuntman

FX is promoting the latest season of dark comedy ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ with a virtual reality-ready video that plays out just like an episode of the show.

Partnered with VR specialists Jaunt, FX has brought the series to 360-degree video, in a continuation of Mac’s daredevilry ‘Project Badass’ that sees a man try to jump a gap between two piers on a dirt bike.

The four minute mini-episode solidifies the gang’s awfulness in a sensory overload as each character spouts madness at the viewer who has to suffer through it in first person.

The immersive stunt predictably ends badly, and the episode is packed with tonnes of easter eggs you may miss on your first viewing.

The video is region locked to the US by FX, although the experience can be accessed below.

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