By John McCarthy | Media editor

February 16, 2017 | 1 min read

20th Century Fox is increasing the intrigue around the upcoming release of Logan, the tenth movie in the X-Men series, with a new trailer shot and distributed as ‘found footage’.

Helping to build the Wolverine universe, the company has adopted a subtler form of marketing looking to tell the story of X-23, the child clone of Wolverine who goes by Laura.

The story will leverage around Logan’s (Hugh Jackman) responsibility to the child and the 47 second video entitled, shot in grainy handicam style, shows just how much in common the duo have, harkening back to the genesis of the Wolverine.

Earlier today Thursday (16 February) 20th Century Fox activated its Manchester United partnership with a trailer comparing the club’s top striker Wayne Rooney to Logan.

The company is trying to reach as broad as possible an audience before the movie hits theatres 28 February.

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