The UX revolution: New report from The Drum reveals why a great user experience will be the ultimate brand differentiator

The Drum, in association with ContentSquare, has launched a new report exploring why user experience (UX) will be a brand’s biggest advantage in the future.

The report, The UX Revolution, How Analytics Are Powering a Revolution in Customer Understanding highlights why UX is a central component to increasing sales by using analytics to gain a deeper understanding of customer behaviour, especially as most ecommerce teams struggle to understand why customers change their minds about purchasing a product.

In today’s technology-fuelled world, having just a great product is no longer enough. It is the entire user experience that will be the decider in whether a consumer comes back to a brand or not. Last year, consumers spent £133bn with UK retailers, according to latest figures from the IMRG Capgemini eRetail Sales Index. For brands, this presents a great opportunity to convert ambivalent customers into loyal ones.

But despite brands having plenty of tools at their disposal to tell them what is happening on their websites, there's far less understanding of how and why is it happening. Using traditional tools like Google Analytics is no longer sufficient as every department member should be able to use smarter analytics to instantly understand customer interactions and act on these insights.

Also mentioned in the report are key disruptors Uber, Apple, and Amazon and how they are providing great user experiences by reducing customer friction points both online and offline. For ContentSquare founder and chief executive Jonathan Cherki, Uber is a great example of a brand that uses technology at the right pace for the consumer without allowing the technology to frighten them.

“In tomorrow’s world, we will accept that a taxi will simply come. It will be the same with the online experience,” he says in the report.

The report includes contributions by Dan Baird, design and UX lead at, Amy Parnell, senior designer of user experience at LinkedIn, Jonathan Cherki, chief executive and founder of ContentSquare, Xavier Perret, chief digital officer (B2B) at Orange and more.

The full report is available to download here.