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GoDaddy Super Bowl ad had plenty of hidden Easter eggs

The Super Bowl had plenty of memorable moments, both on and off the field, including some commercial gems. GoDaddy used its $3m to show a personified internet – a guy who basically lives and breathes internet memes and trends, like taking a shower with an ice bucket challenge and living with cats on Roombas.

The ad in its 30-second form, however, hid plenty of fun stuff that may not have been visible to the football-watching eye at the time it aired. So, GoDaddy has released a longer version, a la pop-up video, where we get to see all the nuggets of fun in each shot.

The over 70-plus Easter eggs feature gems like the guy’s Online University pennant, his web-centric tattoos (including not-so-subtle GoDaddy ankle ink), binary boxer shorts, pixilated compressed family photos and an emoji mug.

The pop-up video can be viewed here.