'It's not branded content, it's not content marketing' - News Corp's Storyful CSO gets to the root of story

There is no doubt that content marketing is one of those fuzzy buzz terms that has about 101 different meanings, according to Storyful chief strategy officer Alex Cheeseman, but by combining investigative journalists who verify user content for re-use by brands and their agencies, the company has found success as a hybrid between a newsroom and a social insight business blended together.

With assets that support whatever brands need, they are essentially a social content services business, Cheeseman notes.

Cheeseman recently spoke to Beet.TV and says that although content is ubiquitous today, clients need written and video content more than ever but also need a strategy to move the needle to drive brand equity. Identifying where the content lives, while also verifying and validating what is fake content, is one reason that Storyful looks to its "newsroom" and investigative journalists who can drill down and truly identify the person who has created that content. Then, Cheeseman notes, the team is able to narrow it down and secure that content for their client.

Cheeseman also says that the bottom line is that video is the best way to do global content. But, if it is re-purposed for stature, clients must understand how they are measuring success with the right plan in place.

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