Facebook, Google and Snapchat are where most media professionals want to work next according to Lighthouse Company survey

Major tech companies Facebook, Google and Snapchat were found to be where most media and marketing professionals would like to work for next respectively, according to a new survey in the U.K.

The 2017 Shipping Forecast (watch the round up video above), annually compiled by the Lighthouse Company, offers insights from its New World Talent survey which is now in its eighth year, featuring the thoughts of over 600 C-suite contributor during January. It acts as a barometer of key talent and business performance trends while also monitoring the personal feelings of professionals in media and marketing.

Google, Snapchat and Facebook were found to be companies professionals said they would like for, followed by media companies Channel 4, Sky and ITV. Meanwhile, the three tech companies also appeared as companies 'which really performed' last year, alongside ITV and PHD was the top performing agency. The7stars and Lucky Generals were another two agencies that also performed well according to the research.

Meanwhile, on the other end of the scale, negative headlines generated around the performances of Twitter, Facebook, the Guardian, Hearst, ITV, AOL and Google meant that there were also companies that it was felt "could have done better" also with the news brands placed together in third place for the first time.

With over half (58%) of respondents admitting to having considered moving posts, as to what would influence the next career move of professionals, 46% said that growth prospect were most important followed by values and purpose at 45% and then its leadership at 42%.

Despite this, 71% said they were feeling fulfilled in their current job, higher than any other year the question had been asked for the survey, however only 41% said that they felt confident of the growth prospects for their business as opposed to 53% last year.

Exactly a third (33%) said that a media owner was likely their next destination while 10 per cent of respondents said they would like to go client side. Over a third of leaders (39%) said they had considered leaving the industry while 85% said they had considered making 'significant changes' in their careers, up from last year 21% said they wanted to go to an agency next and 14% to a tech business.

Of the fifth who said they wanted to go to an agency next, 33% wanted to go to a media agency, with 31% wanting to go to a creative agency. Just under a quarter (24%) said they wanted to move to an integrated agency next.

When asked which companies people would be willing to take a pay cut to work for, the majority said that there was no company they were willing to move for that deal, while Snap, Facebook and Google followed, with 'my own' ranking the fifth most popular answer and then traditional media outlets such as the BBC/the Guardian.

Sir Martin Sorrell, chief executive of WPP was found to be thought of as the most able business leader followed by the7stars' Jenny Biggam and James Wildman, the new president and chief executive of Heart Magazines UK in joint second.

The full results for the survey will be made available to view through the Lighthouse Company website.

Research roundup video created by Katie Deighton

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