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Apple iTunes terms and conditions adapted into a graphic novel you might actually read


By John McCarthy, Opinion editor

February 8, 2017 | 2 min read

It is advisable to always read the small print, but naturally almost no one does it, as the content is more often than not barely comprehensible jargon inaccessible to those without a legal degree.

Apple Terms and Conditons

Some extracts from iTunes terms and Conditions

Apple in particular has been criticised widely for its bulky warning, which was also a point of parody in South Park episode, 'the Human CentiPad'.

To make the iTunes T&Cs more digestible, artist Robert Sikoryak has transposed the Apple document into a fully fledged graphic novel, having accumulated the whole series on Tumblr.

The novel, spotted by Wired, comes to a bumper 108 pages, each taking founder and former chief executive Steve Jobs on zany adventures, drawn in the style of prominent artists.

Sikoryak has also staged live readings of the T&Cs in NYC, backed by projections of his work in 45 minute sessions (no where near enough to finish the novel).

Read as much as you can here on Tumblr.

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