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Fox is pulling the social strings for 24 reboot

Fox is pulling the social strings for 24 reboot / @24FOX, Padtronics, FOX

Fans of the much anticipated FOX action series "24: Legacy", which premiered on Suberbowl night, had many chances of engaging with the series on various different platforms.

To promote the premiere and to excite fans, FOX has not only started a small Twitter campaign, but has also teamed up with several popular influencers to promote the series on Snapchat, and has joined forces with Amazon to bring sounds of "24: Legacy" into viewers' homes.

The badge campaign on Twitter enabled fans to become a member of the show's fictional Counter Terrorist Unit (CTU). By tweeting an emoji clock and the hashtag #24Legacy to @24fox, users received personalized CTU badges. The personalized versions of the identification cards include the fans' profile pictures and their Twitter handles.

In a further attempt to excite fans, FOX introduced the '#24LegacyChallenge' on Snapchat. For seven consecutive days up until the series' premiere, seven popular influencers each had 24 hours to complete assigned challenges and fans were encouraged to join in. All of the action was documented on the official "24: Legacy" Snapchat account.

Each day, a different influencer is tasked with a challenge that he or she has to complete within 24 hours. Among the influencers are musician and YouTube personality Flula Borg, Snapchat artist Mplatco, competitive 'Foodie' Furious Pete, Instagram model Ari Fitz, superfan Andre 'Black Nerd', YouTube comedian Tpindell, and Matthew Santoro, who is known for his fact and list videos on YouTube. The challenges that the influencers are assigned with revolve around their corresponding field of expertise. Musician and YouTuber Flula Borg, for example, had to create a remix using the "24: Legacy" mnemonic clock sound. On the second day, Snapchat artist Mplatco was tasked with showing off his skills by replicating the CTU badge. Snapchat users can follow "24: Legacy" to see how the influencers tackle their challenges.

Once 24 hours have passed and the day's challenge has been completed, FOX creates short recap videos to distribute them via social media. Fans are also called up on to join in and put their skills to the test by, for example, drawing a badge or creating a remix. Apart from receiving official "24: Legacy" badges and joining in on challenges, enthusiasts also had the chance to wake up to sounds of the much anticipated "24" spin-off. As of January 30, Amazon Echo users have the opportunity to set sounds of "24: Legacy" as an alarm tone for the device's Alexa Voice Service.

As a part of the deal between FOX and Amazon, the alarm tie-in will be heavily promoted in a top carousel ad on on Super Bowl Sunday, the day of the series' premiere. The ad will also promote the availability of the franchise's previous seasons on Amazon Prime Video. FOX and Amazon will also launch a '24: Legacy Daily Mission' on all Alexa-enabled devices on March 1. Throughout 24 days, fans will be challenged with daily 24-second missions such as quizzes to test mental abilities or jumping jacks to physically challenge users.

Henner Herwig Jürgens is the Managing Director and Cofounder of VAST MEDIA, a media research and consulting company based in Berlin that provides international television industry leaders with qualitative competitive market analysis of digital entertainment and content marketing.

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