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These brands won the Super Bowl on Twitter

More than 27.6 million tweets were sent last night during Super Bowl 51, and, as always, people were talking about the ads as much as they were about the game itself (although likely less so this year).

Here are the brands that "won" the ad game based on the number of tweets sent about them:

1. Pepsi (@pepsi)

2. T-Mobile (@TMobile)

3. Avocados from Mexico (@AvosfromMexico)

4. Budweiser (@Budweiser)

5. Mr. Clean (@RealMrClean)

6. Audi (@Audi)

7. Skittles (@Skittles)

8. 84 Lumber (@84LumberNews)

9. Doritos (@Doritos)

10. Intel (@intel)