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The brands that scored big at the Super Bowl: Immigration and equality themes resonated most

Super Bowl brands

During the big game, brands were jostling for retention in viewers’ minds, one of the best ways to measure this is through social media engagement. Data from Amobee revealed the top performing brands at the Super Bowl.

An immigration thread appears to have tied three of the top ten brand campaigns together, all the more political in light of the controversy around Donald Trump's flailing travel ban. Other top brands adopted equal pay and equality campaigns too, hinting that it is the message that helps seize attention too.

Adding to this, The Drum's Lisa Lacy wrote that it may have been the end of female objectification in Super Bowl advertising, hinting that brands are looking to expand their audiences and adopt to modern values.

Check out the most successful brands below.

1. Netflix landed on top of the pile with footage of Stranger Things’ season 2, it generated 307K tweet mentions between 6:30pm –11:00pm E.T.

2. T-Mobile, for its costly three minutes of screen time generated 91.7K tweets across four ads featuring Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart, Justin Bieber and Kristen Schaal.

Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart

Justin Bieber

Kristen Schaal

3. The newly minted Mr Clean followed. The high-octane animated ad generated 80.8K mentions.

4. Largely following were the brands that embraced social good, AirBnb’s #WeAccept campaign had 77.8K.

5. Next Coke mustered 74.5K mentions with a re-airing of its 2014 ad which showed people singing ‘America The Beautiful’ in different languages.

6. Audi’s drive for equal pay took 73.1K tweets.

7. Another immigration slot, this time Budweiser’s received 72.2K tweets.

8. 84 Lumber’s immigration themed ad, which aired online because Fox said it was “too controversial” took 68k mentions.

9. Next was the trailer for Guardian's of the Galaxy 2. Social media analysis from Brandwatch has it ranked as the most viewed movie trailer.

Below shows how it performed against movie rivals, substantially dominating social media chat.

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