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KitKat Japan fuses with sushi in bizarre Valentine’s Day activity

KitKat Sushi

KitKat Japan has gathered attention to the launch of its new 'Chocolatory' in Tokyo with the release of special-edition sushi confectionery.

Nestle is following through on a well-landing April Fool’s day prank in 2016, which pretended the sushi confectionery was actually for sale. Apparently, the activity proved so successful that Nestle had no option but to develop the chocolate sushi products.

Three types of KitKat rice dishes will be served at the Choclatory centere modelled on tuna, sea urchin and egg sushi, served upon actual wasabi, rice and bamboo leafs. The products however, don’t taste like the sushi products they are modelled on, thankfully.

The campaign could prove to brands that April Fool’s Day is the perfect time to focus group out-of-the-box product ideas that could one day see the light of day.

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