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Ad of the Day: Danish TV ad breaks out of the box to remind us of 'All that we share'

Ad of the Day: TV2

Danish broadcaster TV2 proves we all have more in common than we think with its latest ad celebrating acceptance and diversity.

Released on the same day President Trump signed the executive order banning those from seven Muslim-majority countries entering the US for 90 days and halting the Syrian refugee program, ‘All that we Share’ highlights what binds us together, rather than what divides us.

Set on a soundstage, the ad from Copenhagen-based &Co sees Danes grouped together in boxes by qualities based on appearances e.g. high earners, those we trust, those we avoid, etc. before grouping them by more human qualities such as who was the class clown? And who loves to dance?

Breaking apart the ‘Us vs Them’ narrative, the campaign looks to remind us to look beyond what’s on the surface to find common ground.

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