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Skittles sends former NFL star Marshawn Lynch to Scotland to talk Super Bowl and kilts

With this year’s Super Bowl in Houston, Texas just days away Skittles decided to send former NFL player and brand enthusiast Marshawn Lynch to Houston, Scotland to discuss the big game with locals.

The ad shows the former Seahawks running back riding a BMX bike with a bag full of Skittles attached to the handlebars through the small village in the central lowlands of Scotland.

Lynch’s interactions with the locals and his reaction to the clash of cultures makes for comical viewing as he learns about the traditions and history of the region.

During his playing days, TV cameras picked up on Lynch's tendency to eat Skittles on the side-lines which eventually snowballed into fans showering him in them when he scored a touchdown.

The ad with Lynch follows on from the brand’s 30-second ‘Romance’ commercial which will be shown at the Super Bowl.

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