Only 5% of Super Mario Run’s 78m players bought the game

Super Mario Run performed below expectations

Cracks seem to have appeared in Nintendo’s premium mobile gaming strategy as the company released sales results for the $10 game.

The iOS-only smartphone game hit the market on 15 December and granted players a few trial levels before asking them to fork out $10 for full access – a high fee in an industry saturated with free-to-play titles.

The Japanese gaming giant said the game has been downloaded 78 million times, but behind the encouraging figures was another story; that only 5% of players followed through and purchased the game.

Amid a high-profile launch, boasting characters synonymous with gaming, the Wall Street Journal estimates revenue of $50m profit which could seem underwhelming, especially upon in the knowledge that top freemium titles like Clash of Clans that can muster that in the space of days with in-game purchases.

Bloomberg tech reporter Yuji Nakamura reports that Nintendo was expected to convert users in the double digits to the premium offering.

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