Danone and Bose set for some Spotify and 'Chill', joining Sainsbury’s and Samsung as UK Branded Moments partners

In the UK, Spotify has cemented numerous Branded Moments partnerships in the Chill, Dinner, Focus, Party, Sleep, and Workout sectors.

The music streaming company claims that its average cross-platform user spends 148 minutes per day using Spotify, and it is opening these categories, tied to emotion and select activity, to brands.

Danone Light & Free is the latest brand to get on board having secured the ‘Chill’ Moment in a year-long partnership that commences 1 February. It follows Bose's decision to sign on to Branded Moments while they were in beta in the US and UK - it promoted its headphones through the channel

Danny Weitzkorn, content partnerships director at MEC Wavemaker, said: “The Spotify partnership is an exciting opportunity to reach Light & Free’s audience through one of its main passion points. This isn’t a brand entering into something just because music is cool but because our target audience takes time out and uses those moments to connect with music.”

At the close of 2016, Sainsbury’s signed on for ‘Dinner’, seeing it appear in vertical video ads on the app as an extension of its #FoodDancing activity.

Samsung was also an early adopter, promoting the Gear Fit 2 and S7 smartphone to a fitness focused audience through the ‘Workout’ Moment.