Singapore government warns against dangers of sugar in Kung Fu style Chinese New Year ad

The Singapore Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI) is reminding people of the dangers of eating too much sugar this Lunar New Year in a Kungfu style ad series.

In support of the Let’s Beat Diabetes campaign, the ‘Kungfu Fighter, Hidden Sugar’ advert spells out how much sugar there is in common Lunar New Year foods. Released last week via Facebook, the 90-second TV spot has already reached 2.2 million people, and gathered 1,261,411 views.

Set in an olden-day Chinese restaurant, the advert shows a family having their reunion dinner with a bodyguard standing watch. The bodyguard soon realises that the family is under attack from ‘sugar villains’ sneaking copious amounts of sugar into their meal. A classic Kungfu fight ensues, interspersed with comedic villain-bashing moments. The bodyguard beats diabetes with sugar-themed Kungfu moves such as ‘Sugar Defeating Darts’ with the ‘Destroyer of Salt, Oil and Sugar’ saving the day.

“We were inspired by Kungfu classics, a staple during this festive period, and hope to deliver an action-comedy that will resonate with young people as well as the elderly,” said Karen Tan, Senior Director of the Public Communications Division at MCI. “We are heartened that people can enjoy this short Kungfu flick while learning some useful facts about fighting diabetes.”

Aside from the 90-second TV commercial, two five-second clips, a Facebook gif and a mobile message greeting will be released during the first 15 days of the Lunar New Year.

The advert was created by Tribal Worldwide Asia.

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