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Fleeing John Malkovich: Squarespace Super Bowl ad unleashes actor upon web domain impersonator

John Malkovich, star of 'Being John Malkovich', has made an on-the-nose reference to his legal battle with a man who was allegedly impersonating him on the web domain ‘’ in a heated spot for Squarespace.

Malkovich will air his grievances to one of the most viewed ad spaces in existence - the Super Bowl - in a video entitled 'Get Your Domain Before It's Gone'.

Mashable reports that Malkovich wanted the domain as he looks to capitalise upon his brand to launch a fashion line. He found that the URL was already in the possession of another man who was reportedly capitalizing upon his name.

In the ad Malkovich exclaims: “What the fuck is going on? How the fuck can you be John Malkovich?"

Enhancing the meta credentials of the ad, Malkovich reportedly had to seek permission from director Charlie Kaufman for the passing reference to the Being John Malkovich movie.

The ad was teased earlier in the week although the premise remained a mystery until today Wednesday (25 January). It was created in partnership with creative collective John X Hannes.

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