Airbnb poised to pounce on social payments provider Tilt

Airbnb is reportedly in the final stages of mounting a takeover bid for social payments provider Tilt, ending months of speculation as to its future.

Such a bid, whilst still unconfirmed, would dovetail with Airbnb’s current enthusiasm for experiences beyond its bread and butter business of facilitator of accommodation providers, allowing the business to grow into something more akin to a travel agency.

Tilt’s specific allure derives from its expertise in payments, particularly in facilitating funding for social get-togethers and events – meeting particular success amongst college students seeking to organize trips and parties.

Quoted prices for the takeover range from just $10m through to in excess of $50m, a marked discount on a $400m valuation from as recently as May 2015. Since then however it has come under pressure from challengers in the market, notably from GoFundMe.

Tilt has recently begun an international roll-out of its services however, with particular success in Canada.