Save the Children campaign documents the struggles of resilient four year-old

Save the Children has produced a gritty new campaign created by Publicis Chemistry which seeks to put hunger back in the spotlight by charting the daily battles of a four-year old child called Robert from his own perspective.

Narrated by Mark Strong Robert is described as ‘one of the toughest children alive. Because the conditions he lives in are some of the harshest on Earth.’ The film follows the boy on an arduous trek to a Save the Children centre where he receives medical care and sustenance.

Jason Fletcher and Marcus Iles, group creative directors at Chemistry, remarked: “We believe that children are amazing. Their resilience and aptitude and capability should leave us all in awe. No more so than when they live in the harshest conditions on the planet. However, as resilient as they may be, the simple fact is that, if they don’t get the food they need, they can’t be amazing, they will simply die.

“We hope this film makes our audience feel the same way and compels them to dig deep.”

The 90-second film was shot over a period of five days in Kenya and was directed by Fran Robertson.

Previous campaigns have seen the charity produce hard-hitting interpretations of classic nursery rhymes to get their message across.