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Report: How advertisers can adopt a mobile mindset

3D smartphone

In November last year, The Drum in partnership with Video Intelligence - a predictive mobile marketing platform - gathered high profile advertising experts at a roundtable to discuss why the advertising industry is falling behind in mobile.

While social platforms such as Snapchat are crafting content perfectly for mobile, advertisers have failed to keep up.

At the discussion, it was generally agreed that the advertising industry needs to take a “consumer-first approach” and start thinking of better ways to build their technology and content around how consumers engage with their mobiles.

The report, Advertising and Adopting a Mobile Mindset: A Vision for Change, examines the issues of ad-blocking, KPIs and metrics, new formats for mobile and more. It is based on the insights and debate generated from the roundtable but covers new areas not published in the original article such as agency structures and new formats.

Moreover, the report aims to act as a useful catalyst for change, outlining key areas of focus and potential solutions for the ad industry to truly deliver on the potential of mobile advertising.

“Advertisers need to be developing mobile native campaigns. The tech capabilities are there, now the creative needs to be developed with mobile front-of-mind.” Steve Broadhead, senior vice-president of sales at Video Intelligence says in the report.

The report is available to download here.

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