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New Nielsen Social Report highlights Facebook's continued dominance among platforms

Nielsen today released its Social Media Report, taking a holistic view of social that includes new social TV data along with how much time consumers are spending on social relative to total media time.

In Q3 2016, nearly 177 million U.S. adults engaged with a social platform. And people aren’t just engaging with social platforms once or twice a day – they are spending a significant amount of time on these platforms. U.S Female adults (18+), for example, spent 25% of their weekly total media time (26 hours 41 minutes) on social Media (6 hours 33 minutes).

On the social TV front, according to Nielsen Social, 81% of engagement with TV related tweets come organically from audiences. Peak TV is not just for Sundays anymore, but social TV activity peaked on Sundays this fall with 43% of all weekly TV-related Facebook activity and 33% of weekly Twitter activity occurring on Sundays.

Females in particular take to Facebook to engage with their favorite shows: On an average day, 61% of uniques interacting with TV on Facebook are Female and 39% are male.

Viewers are also continuing to work other devices into the mix while watching TV: 21% of tablet users said they use their tablet while watching TV “several times a day,” and 30% of smartphone users said they did. When using those devices, more viewers are turning to Facebook than to Twitter: 57% of people who used their tablet while watching television said they visited Facebook while doing so, compared with 24% who said they visited Twitter. The numbers were almost identical for smartphone users.