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Neuromarketing whitepaper highlights how subtle details can impact on the success of digital and video content

Neuromarketing-focused digital agency Lab has published a whitepaper - The Halo Effect: How to create emotionally engaging digital and video content for your brand – highlighting how small details can impact massively on the ‘experience’ of consuming content online.

Tom Head, head of sales and marketing at Lab, said: “It’s incredible how much attention we place on quality of content in relation to how little attention we place on the actual experience we create. While focusing on content, we tend to underestimate the impact small details have on the outcome. In order to see just how much effect these things have on an audience's reaction we ran an experiment.”

To experiment, Lab showed a focus group two videos with identical content, but with subtle differences in light, emphasis, tonality, angle, and colour and studied the impact small changes had on the participants' reactions.

Lab’s director of human technology, Daryll Scott, said: “Within this whitepaper, we share some of our proven neuro principles that explain how to create an impact with video, web design and messaging when communicating to your audience. These techniques will help you create a better experience and are the key to higher engagement.”

Lab has created a video (above) showing the experiment in full and has also made the whitepaper available to download for free.

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