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BBC Scotland rejects claims of bias as pro-independence campaigners take aim at broadcaster with billboard and van ads

BBC Scotland rejects accusations of bias as pro-independence campaigners take aim at broadcaster with billboard and van ads / Inform Scotland

BBC Scotland has hit back at claims it is "mis-reporting," in the country after pro-independence group Inform Scotland unveiled a targeted campaign against the broadcaster.

Inform Scotland is rolling out fixed and mobile billboards across the country as part of a two week project to highlight what it perceives as BBC Scotland's "anti-independence agenda".

A spokesman for the BBC said in a statement: "We reject the suggestion that our coverage is partial."

The 'Mis-reporting Scotland' push will see giant mobile ads touring the country, as well as fixed billboards in town centres. The ad vans will stop off at high-profile destinations including Edinburgh Castle and the Scottish Parliament. The group parked up outside BBC Scotland's HQ in Pacific Quay this morning (16 January) and is also running a photo competition around the "unique and controversial event."

A spokesman for BBC Scotland added: "Reassuringly, audiences continue to tell us that the BBC is still the news provider they trust most, while we take heart from the fact that Reporting Scotland is by far the most watched news programme in Scotland with around half a million viewers tuning in every night."

A recent report from the BBC Trust has found that Scottish viewers tend to have a "lower opinion" of the broadcaster, and that public perception of the BBC in Scotland has barely shifted since the aftermath of the 2014 referendum on independence.