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Leo Burnett, Fiat join together for UNOLab campaign

Leo Burnett, Fiat join together for UNOLab campaign

Leo Burnett has created a new campaign for Fiat called “UNOLab.” Through eight short films that will run through December, Fiat channels Disney’s Test Track ride as the car shows it chops with different road stunts.

Under the car’s tagline, “A whole lotta car in a single UNO,” this model is the first to receive the three-cylinder Firefly Flex engine. Through this campaign, Leo Burnett created the UNOLab, which shows objects and experiments testing the features of the car.

“The 2017 UNO brings many new features that make it stand out in its category. More than just saying this, we needed to demonstrate this reinvention in an entertaining way,” said João Caetano Brasil, creative director for Leo Burnett Tailor Made. “That’s why we created the UNOlab and a series of experiments that generated content in the most diverse formats for the campaign.”

Whether it’s the car dressed as a cat running after a toy mouse, or using a walnut and a wine glass to show the model’s endurance on a hill, or using the wheel speed to project a film reel, these shorts show the car’s versatility.

“The objective of the campaign is to show the UNO’s evolution through the reinvention of its standard equipment. In other words, the UNO has become an increasingly technological and comfortable car, while remaining economical and practical,” added João Ciaco, head of brand marketing and communication for FCA.