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Tom Brady goes 360 for Intel in Super Bowl ad

Ugg plug man Tom Brady is going high tech in his latest commercial for Intel, which features 360° technology to highlight him doing boring morning tasks. The four-time Super Bowl champion is the focus of a 30-second ad, “Brady Everyday,” showcasing the quarterback in his mundane morning routine through Intel’s 360 replay technology.

According to a release by Intel, the 360 replay technology is helping to transform sports viewing with the same technology featured in Fox Sports game broadcasts. Using a humorous angle by showing Brady waking up with a dog on his bed, brushing his teeth, flipping pancakes (and eating one off the floor before the dog gets it) are all given the 360 replay sports treatment, complete with football highlighting dramatic music, to make even the boring seem epic.

The point of the ad is to get people excited about the broader use of the technology, which allows broadcasters to pause key moments in the game and view the action from any angle, using advanced computing and high-definition cameras to create enhanced replays and highlights.

“There is nothing like the experience of being on the field in the center of the action in the biggest game of the year and now Intel technology is making it possible for fans to experience the action like never before,” said Tom Brady, quarterback, New England Patriots. “I’m excited for the potential of this incredibly unique 360 replay technology to transform the viewing experience for sports fans.”

For the Super Bowl, 38 cameras were installed in Houston throughout the stadium. During the broadcast, the “Be the Player” features uses the 360 replay technology to freeze a moment in the game and see the field from a player’s point of view. It can bring a viewer onto the field from the quarterback’s position to see what it’s like to catch the snap, see the options and feel the pressure of the line rushing toward them. Commentators can share a new level of insight into the gametime decisions players have to make, as well as give an entirely new perspective to fans. Each clip that will air is only 15-30 seconds long and is around 1TB of data.

“For the first time, a company is airing an advertisement during the Super Bowl that is actually part of the broadcast and part of the game itself, a true example of innovative marketing. As a brand, Intel competes in a performance category, so Tom Brady is the perfect partner for us; he exemplifies high performance and is one of the best quarterbacks of all time,” said Steve Fund, senior vice president and chief marketing officer, Intel.

“We are building the foundation to take sports and technology to new heights with solutions that will allow fans to experience the game like never before, all in a personalized way,” said James Carwana, general manager, Intel Sports Group. “Intel’s technology in the biggest football game of the year is one example of how we are driving a new wave of powerful technologies that will transform sports for athletes, teams, fans, coaches and even broadcasters.”

Intel is also working with Brady to create an Intel 360 user-generated video, where participants can visit the #ExperienceMore site to create their own frame of the star to add to a user-generated video. The best images created of Brady will be aggregated in a gallery available online for sharing and exploration. The challenge culminates with the release of the video on Sunday, Feb. 5.

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