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DJ Khaled teams with Champs Sports on video game promo of Timberland boots

An image from DJ Khaled's "Secure the Bag" video game for Champs and Timberland

Champs Sports and AKQA have teamed with Grammy-nominated artist DJ Khaled to create an 80s-style video game to promote heritage footwear brand Timberland and the release of the company’s latest boot.

The retro video game, “Secure the Bag,” is a mobile-capable video game and interactive experience that helps lead DJ Khaled to the latest Timberland boot release using his time-traveling jet-ski to teleport him past “Veloci-Rappers,” Vikings and through a dark and stormy “Future Miami” to celebrate the launch of the new boot.

The graphics are in the pixilated style of Super Mario Brothers, but the game is heavily dosed with Khaled’s personality as the players gets points by smacking down hip-hop dinosaurs and other foes on the jet-ski while compiling points collecting digitized Timberland boots. Listen for key DJ Khaled phrases for encouragement, like “Watch Out For They!”, “Major Key Alert!”, “Keep They Away From You!”, “Bless up!” and “Lion” and introducing new slogans – “They Don’t Want You To Have Timbs!”, “The key is to make it!” and “When You Think You’re Going Hard… Go Harder!”

Once players are done, either by getting through to the end or getting killed off, they are encouraged to screenshot their high scores and post them on social media channels with the hashtag #STBChallenge.

Khaled is a selfie fanatic and AKQA helped incorporate that into the game, letting players have the DJ Khaled character in the video take selfies as he jet-skis through the video landscape.

Khaled has a unique tie to Champs, having been an employee at an Orlando Champs store as a teen. His love of the Champs and Timberland brands, and his heavy usage of social media, should get plenty of his fans involved and playing the promo game.