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In the thick of it: Watch politicians and advertisers give their take on adland in Westminster

If a politician and an advertising expert were asked “What is advertising?” how would they both respond? The Drum, in partnership with Advertising Association, made it their mission to find out by posing advertising’s biggest questions to some of the top names in both fields at Advertising Association’s annual event at the House of Commons in December.

Industry bosses from companies such as Google, Nationwide, Adam&EveDDB, and ITV, as well as MPs, were asked the same ‘big’ questions, including ‘Does advertising drive prices up or down?’ and ‘Can advertising save the world?’ to see whether a perception gap exists between politics and the industry.

The video was inspired by the release of Advertising’s Big Questions, a collection of essays from six of today’s leading thinkers, tackling the perennial questions about advertising’s role in business and society.

This year’s event celebrated seven different campaigns that have either championed diversity or saved and improved lives under the banner #ThisAdCan (inspired by FCB Inferno’s viral campaign for Sport England, This Girl Can, aimed to get more women and girls exercising).

Watch the video above to see how the attendees amusingly tackled the questions, and form your own opinion on how their views really differ on advertising.

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