Red Bull takes flight above competitors as Unruly’s most shared video brand of 2016

Red Bull's Danny McAskill

Red Bull has dethroned Samsung as the most successful brand for video content, with more than double the shares of the telcomms giant, according to video ad tech company Unruly.

Utilising sports and video content, Red Bull mustered more than 27 million shares in 2016, more than Samsung’s 12 million, McDonald’s 8.6 million and fourth-placed Australian Tourist Board 6.4 million shares put together.

Red Bull saw substantial success across the hundreds of videos it released across the year, and will be awarded at the company’s annual video awards #TheUnrulies.

Below is the full list; Included is each brand's most shared video.

1. Red Bull - 27,047,591 shares

2. Samsung - 12,481,540 shares

3. McDonald's - 8,618,554 shares

4. Australian Tourist Board - 6,417,279 shares

5. Asus - 5,275,867 shares

6. Nike - 5,002,131 shares

7. Almarai - 4,556,429 shares

8. adidas - 4,512,703 shares

9. Shell - 4,142,156 shares

10. Cadbury - 4,082,750 shares

Devra Prywes, Unruly’s senior vice president of insights and marketing US, said: “The winners hit the mark by creating highly emotional ads that resonated with viewers, resulting in high levels of engagement and sharing. We have a truly global list of top brands, many of which created videos specifically for and released in individual territories topping the list.”

The awards were judged on the number of shares accumulated across each brand’s video library on Facebook and YouTube attracted across Facebook “and the blogosphere”.

The Drum touched down with the competition winners in 2016 after penning a deal with Reuters to share its content with publishers.

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