KFC creates Instagram football game with 'Kentucky Fried Football Challenge'

KFC has created a football video game which it will debut on Instagram in a bid to capitalise on peak interest of the sport ahead of the NFL playoffs.

The Kentucky Fried Football Challenge has been created by Wieden + Kennedy and features 31 animations and required 35 Instagram accounts to complete.

The game starts on KFC's Instagram page with a series of thumbnails creating an image of a football field with a "Start Here" tab prompting the beginning of the game. Users then select the play they want to run from the caption area of the page and are then taken to a football field with a marker showing how far they have moved down the field.

KFC's director of advertising, George Felix, said the idea behind the campaign was to "create a unique gaming experience that combines everyone's love of football, fried chicken and social media".

He added: "The Kentucky Fried Football Frenzy uses Instagram's native features in a creative and hilarious way that hopefully entertains fans for hours on end."

The stunt follows on from KFC's earlier marketing around video games which saw the brand set out to bring back the nostalgic social aspect of gaming with the help of gaming stars, grime legends and a uniquely designed couch complete with bucket holders and refillable drinks.