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Derren Brown Thorpe Park ad banned for being 'too scary to air'

An advert for Derren Brown's new ride at Thorpe Park has been banned after regulators deemed it 'too scary' to air on prime time TV.

Derren Brown Thorpe Park ad banned for being 'too scary to air'

The advert, which is already live on Facebook, was due to be aired on TV between 6pm and 7pm on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. However Clearcast said it was unsuitable to be shown before the watershed because it could be upsetting to younger viewers.

A spokesperson said: “Advertisements that are suitable for older children but could distress younger children must be sensitively scheduled.

“We aim to achieve this by applying appropriate timing restrictions to specific ads to minimise the chances of children seeing them.”

The advert begins like any other festive spot, with a snowy scene and fluffy white rabbits frolicking in the snow on a train track. However, the idyllic scene is soon interrupted by a roaring demonic creature.

A spokeswoman for Thorpe Park Resort said: “Plans to air our new promo for Derren Brown’s Ghost Train on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day have been changed due to advice that it may not be appropriate for audiences during this period."

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