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2016 TV Year in Review: Sean Galligan, Vice President, Yahoo


The below post is part of Found Remote's 2016 Year in Review guest post series and is written by Sean Galligan, Vice President and Industry Lead, Entertainment, Yahoo.

Why 2017 Will Be an Even Bigger Year for OTT Brands

If you’ve found yourself spending more time streaming your favorite shows online, instead of watching them on TV, you’re not alone. A growing percentage of consumers are augmenting their cable TV subscriptions with OTT services or cutting the cord all together. In fact, in our recent research, we found that more than one-third of respondents don’t have a traditional cable TV provider or have reduced their reliance on one. This is a trend we can expect to grow in 2017 and that puts OTT brands in a very unique position.

In today’s viewer-centric landscape, consumers are winning big. They have numerous options when it comes to picking what OTT services they sign up for, which means greater flexibility and even cost savings. As a result, content providers face an exciting, high-growth, yet extremely competitive market. OTT marketers need to not only acquire new users, but keep existing subscribers coming back. To stay in front of these viewers, a strong digital ad strategy becomes a necessity.

As the OTT space continues to grow and evolve in the next year, there is a big opportunity for marketers. It will take commitment to understand consumers’ viewing behavior, what drives them, and create targeted and engaging ads that will reach them. Looking ahead to 2017, here are three trends you can bet advertisers will double down on to win and make next year even bigger for OTT:

Invest in content marketing: Content marketing will play a bigger role in building immersive stories that help drive awareness, tune-in and fandoms for both OTT and network programs.

Combine premium and audience buys: Audience targeting will continue to be a focus for many TV marketers. However, we will see more marketers combining premium advertising formats with their audience tactics.

Focus on mobile viewers: As more marketers evolve their OTT strategies, the app experience will become the preeminent way to engage consumers and app marketing investments will increase dramatically.