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Fuller House is the most popular digital series in the US

Top Digital Originals from Parrot Analytics

Fuller House is back for season two and is in the lead. Here are the full insights from Parrot Analytics.

For December 8th-14th, 2016 - Top 5 Digital Original Series in the US and Average Demand Expressions™:

  1. Fuller House, Netflix: 17,089,606
  2. Stranger Things, Netflix: 12,591,258
  3. Gilmore Girls, Netflix: 8,849,397
  4. Marvel's Luke Cage, Netflix: 7,605,762
  5. Club De Cuervos, Netflix: 6,929,832

Insights from Parrot:

  • The second season of sitcom Fuller House was released on December 9th. This popular series unsurprisingly became the most in-demand digital original this week, surpassing fellow hit Stranger Things by 36% and the previous top show Gilmore Girls by 93%.
  • Most shows in the top five titles this week had fluctuations in demand, either due to season releases or major news, such as Stranger Things' Golden Globes nominations on December 12th. However, demand for Luke Cage remained steady, indicating that this series has reached a stable level of demand and may be a long-term presence among the top digital originals.
  • The Spanish-language Netflix series Club de Cuervos also released its second season on December 9th. Its peak demand was less than half of Fuller House's peak, but it managed to rank fifth by average demand this week with only 9% less demand than Marvel's Luke Cage.

Parrot Analytics is a data science company that empowers media companies, brands and agencies to understand global audience demand for television content. Wielding the world’s largest audience behavior data sets, the company has developed the world’s only global cross-platform, country-specific audience demand measurement system. For more insights visit

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