By Kyle O'Brien, Creative Works Editor

December 16, 2016 | 2 min read

Your addiction to speaking in emojis can help feed hungry kids this holiday season. Tillamook, the popular Oregon dairy co-op famous for its cheddar, and 72andSunny, have teamed up to turn empty plate emojis into real food donations through a social media-fueled food drive.

Starting Sunday, December 18, social media users who post the empty plate emoji, along with the #RealFoodSunday hashtag, will be helping to provide 50 meals to hungry kids through national non-profit No Kid Hungry. Research has shown that one in five kids will not get the food they need every day, impacting their health and development, and leaving them malnourished during the holiday season.

With this social media food drive, empty plates will be filled and the campaign will raise awareness of No Kid Hungry’s mission to end child hunger while also supporting Tillamook and 72andSunny’s #RealFoodSunday initiative to get families to eat more real food, starting on Sundays.

The campaign will be promoted through social media and includes a short video to explain the cause in simple terms, emojis included.

“For more than 100 years, Tillamook has made a commitment to real food, but this social media food drive is specifically focused on making real food accessible to those that need it most this holiday season,” said Gui Borchert, Group Creative Director at 72andSunny. “By tapping into social media activism, we’re hoping to create a community around good, turning social into real-life action.”

An empty plate emoji with the hashtag #RealFoodSunday is all it takes to fill real plates.

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