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Royal Navy launches new online recruitment hub to better educate potential recruits


By Richard Draycott, Managing Director

December 15, 2016 | 4 min read

The Royal Navy is looking to improve its online recruitment process and has launched a new interactive careers hub created by digital agency e3, which aims to better educate potential recruits through the use of better content and user experience.

With more than 100 different roles to recruit for – ranging from dentists to officers - recruitment for the Royal Navy is a complex challenge with many potential candidates only ever seeing the tip of the iceberg and not fully recognising the scale of the training opportunities that exist.

The Royal Navy aims to increase recruitment conversion rates, which they feel can only be achieved through better informed and prepared candidates, in a process that can sometimes take up to two years.

To meet this challenge digital agency e3 conducted three months of research - the largest user analysis the agency has ever been involved in - using four mechanisms including 70 face-to-face interviews and a survey which collected nearly 800 responses. Subjects included individuals who had either recently joined the Royal Navy or Royal Marines, as well as potential candidates - people who met the criteria to join or had considered it, but never got as far as joining.

Results revealed that candidates were often unfamiliar with the Navy’s terminology, with little understanding of what the Royal Navy does, from general goals to day to day activities. Many were also uncertain of their eligibility and could not easily find information about the recruitment process. The most influential insight is the fact that young people now look for jobs based on their interests rather than qualifications.

e3 created an experience map based on the findings, identifying thirteen personas which reflect the audience’s perception of the Navy, from the young school leaver with apprehension about the military, the ambitious officer who wants to feel challenged but prepared, to the determined Marine looking for discipline and direction.

The new Careers section now features improved navigational tools and structures, responsive design patterns and personalised user journeys. e3 enhanced the role finder’s ability to promote certain jobs based on the Royal Navy’s needs and to provide results personalised according to browsing history. They also implemented effective search criteria and an intelligent autocomplete box.

Throughout the build process there was constant engagement with subject matter experts across the Naval service, user testing on prototypes and significant engagement with users to validate the taxonomy and site map.

Paul Colley, head of marketing at Royal Navy Recruitment, said: “We needed a Careers section that allowed us to connect with a wide range of ages, all with competing needs and requirements. Our primary goal is to recruit candidates across the board, as well as increase diversity, and improve the fitness of recruits. e3 proved to be the best partner in this journey.”

"The new consumer journey is particularly impressive - starting with candidates' personal skills, connecting them to relevant Navy opportunities, and then taking them through the application process."

Neil Collard, managing director at e3, said: “As the Royal Navy’s lead digital agency, we play a key role in overcoming what they call ‘Sea Blindness’ – people not knowing what they do or why they’re important. We specialise in creating experiences that put the consumer at the heart of the process and allow brands to stay relevant. Through our user-centred approach we wanted to educate the audience and to create interest and desire to learn more and consider the Royal Navy as a proper vocation."

All e3 teams from strategy to UX and tech delivery worked together for six months to create digital content that works across all platforms and allows the Royal Navy to manoeuvre eligible and adequate candidates through relevant and successful applications. Accessible language, interactive recruitment tests and a clear picture of what it means to be part of the Royal Navy create an amazing user journey for all future recruits.


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Founded in 2018, it is a merger between digital agency e3 and strategy consultancy LSU (London Strategy Unit).


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