Red Bull TV brings together founders of Reddit and Twitch for AMA to promote 'The Ripple Effect'

Red Bull TV is hosting a major AMA ("Ask Me Anything") tonight at 7pm PT on Twitch to promote season two of "The Ripple Effect,", a business series featuring stories of the world’s most innovative, inspirational and ground-breaking entrepreneurs. The founders of both Reddit and Twitch will join together to answer questions.

Red Bull TV's AMA

This is a major sign that Red Bull TV is interested in going beyond promoting their traditional programming around extreme sports. AMAs, for years have become an essential part of a promotion strategy. They are raw, sincere and dig into topics that fans and viewers actually care about.

Red Bull got the founders of Twitch and Reddit together to discuss the new series and the entrepreneur’s path from early inspiration through pivotal points of their journey and on to global success in a live AMA-style broadcast on Twitch (some questions are being sourced from the public – via Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, and Twitch chat).

The series is available to watch now on Red Bull TV (available on web at, mobile app, and OTT).

Other episodes of Season 2 include Wired, Moog, Juxtapoz Magazine and Atari. The first season featured sports brands including GoPro, Vans, Hurley, Surfline, and O’Neal.

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