46% of US households are 'addressable' but the UK leads in tech advances in TV marketing, says RTL Group's Rhys Nöelke

With recent estimates that 46% of US households can receive individually-targeted TV ads, through "addressable" TV advertising, the UK actually maintains the lead in incorporating tech into this model, says one executive with a multi-country view of the opportunity.

“We see, in the addressable TV world very much with the UK is at the forefront,” said to Rhys Nöelke, the strategy senior vice-president for German-based RTL Group, the FremantleMedia owner that also has a stake in online video ad tech operator SpotX.

“(It is) a market where we are not present with our broadcasters, but we see a lot of activity from Sky, for instance, with the AdSmart platform," he told Beet.tv in a recent interview. "That is very much the most advanced ad platform in the world, I believe.”

AdSmart is the addressable TV offering launched by UK pay TV leader Sky – a satellite TV firm, telco, channel owner and media sales house. It helps advertisers place ads on set-top boxes that, using data, can be triggered in individual households during commercial breaks.

It is still early days and there is a need to connect the dots in addressable TV, Noelke notes. “We have seen programmatic and the complexity around connecting the dots for instance on the user graph going over into linear TV and then actually making a model work economically as well as technically and making that work for an advertiser.”

For RTL, TV is total video and whether it is pay or ad funded there are going to be opportunities across the board. But, while the UK apparently leads the way, other parts in Europe are far behind, Nöelke said.

“Don’t even speak about regulation,” he grumbles. “For instance, Germany and France, local advertising on TV is or geo-targeting is not permitted.”

RTL’s SpotX was just named the most trusted video ad platform in the US.

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