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Taylor Herring Idea Mic Drop generates the most disruptive ad campaigns so you don't have to

One of the ideas generated by Idea Mic Drop

No doubt over the Christmas period there will be tired eyes and hangovers aplenty for any creatives unlucky enough to be working. Luckily public relations company Taylor Herring has created a microsite that can brainstorm innovative, disruptive, game-changing, buzzwordy campaign ideas – to save you the bother.

James Herring, managing partner at Taylor Herring, told The Drum: “Back in the summer we started a list. An inventory on the zeitgeist-chasing fads and buzzworthy trends that were feted at the various away days, offsite meetings and marketing conferences we attended.

“We’ve now fed all this data into our prototype 'Creative Idea Robot' and the results are encouraging. It’s early days but we're hoping that one day this fledgling AI project might deliver instant creative alchemy for marketers, taking the sweat and annoyance out of the creative process for good.”

He concluded: “In a few years time anyone from the work experience to the head of sales will be able to have a brilliant idea at the touch of a button.“

While not quite as advanced as McCann Japan’s artificial intelligence creative director AI-CD β (assumedly) is, here’s three cracking campaigns The Drum cracked out in the blink of an eye using the generator.

Disruptive campaign ideas


Give the Idea Mic Drop a try here.

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