Netflix may have a hit children's show on its hands with Skylanders Academy

There may not be a standout children's show on Netflix - with seven new titles appearing in November's top 10 - but the Netflix original Skylanders Academy had a 13 per cent share, tops among all show.

Insights below from Jumpshot:

· We saw seven new titles appear in the top 10 kids show list in November, though some shows have been on Netflix for a while (e.g. Octonauts)

· Coming in for a Landing: Skylanders Academy, a Netflix Original series that debuted on 10/28, took the #1 slot for kids shows in November, drawing a 13% share.

· Disney and Netflix, A Perfect Pairing: 6 of the top 10 kids shows this month came from Disney/Disney Junior, drawing a 53% share in total. While some have pushed Disney to buy Netflix, Disney doesn't plan on buying the streaming service anytime soon

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