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Amazon re-imagines Time's man of the year issue for Man in the High Castle

Amazon has put its own spin of Time magazine’s person of the year cover in a new marketing stunt for the second season of Man in the High Castle.

Earlier this week Time revealed president-elect Donald Trump as its person of the year alongside the caption ‘President of the Divided States of America’, a move which has been widely compared to its pick of Adolf Hitler in 1938.

Amazon has capitalised on the controversy surrounding the cover by partnering with Time to include an advertising booklet inside each issue of the magazine which features a mock Time man of the year cover ostensibly from 1963 paying homage to The Man in the High Castle.

The six-page booklet includes a feature story on the mysterious Man in the High Castle and an ad for the series reading: “The future belongs to those who change it."

It draws parallels to between the figurative divided nature of the country as a result of Trump and the literal divided country in the series which sees Germany control the East Coast and Japan ruling the west coast.

It’s not the first time Amazon has taken a somewhat controversial approach to marketing the series. Earlier stunts have included a Nazi-themed subway carriage and posters showing the Statue of Liberty in a heil Hitler salute.

Many brands have spoofed or reimagined Time’s person of the year issue, however Amazon’s stunt marks the first time that Time has partnered with a brand to include the iterations inside the issue itself.