Creative Works 7 December winners featuring Havas, 72AndSunny, Hill Holiday, Now and Royal Mail

Creative Works winners

The winners of the latest Creative Works have been revealed in the 7 December issue of The Drum.

Check out the top creative work picked by The Drum UK and US readers, our sponsor, Workfront, and this issue's creative directors Andy Azula, executive creative director, The Martin Agency, and John Treacy, executive creative director, Proximity London who have reviewed the Christmas ads from the UK and US respectively.

UK Creative Director's Choice (from US ads)

Overall Rating
3/5 Vote

In the US the Super Bowl is traditionally where agencies flex their creative muscles, leaving their ‘holiday season’ ads to get on with really emphasising the true meaning of this special time of year – selling stuff. Xfinity has managed to create a spot that’s festive but sells (not easy). It’s not the most original idea, but it’s nicely cast and directed without being schmaltzy (a rarity in the US at this time of year) and nails the product demo stuff that could have felt like an awkward add-on. -John Treacy, executive creative director, Proximity London

US Creative Director's Choice (from UK ads)

Overall Rating
5/5 Vote

In the glut of emotional Christmas films reminding us that the best gifts don’t come wrapped in boxes, Heathrow’s ‘Coming Home For Christmas’ stands out. I love that this was Heathrow’s first attempt and it’s a good one. The storytelling, animation and craft are great. Every shot was well executed, without feeling gratuitous. The interaction between the actors and the animation was seamless and perfectly charming. And the music was spot on, making the whole story seem almost real. In fact, probably the most unrealistic part of this film was how easily the bears went through customs. - Andy Azula, executive creative director, The Martin Agency

UK Readers' Favourite

Intu: Your kind of shopping by Now

Added 09 November 2016
Agency: Now
Overall Rating
5/5 Vote

Intu, the owner of some of the UK’s largest shopping centres, has launched its Christmas TV push under the new brand platform ‘Your Kind of Shopping’. Created by Now, the advert features beautifully crafted bird puppets inspired by stage shows such as War Horse and The Lion King personifying seven different types of shoppers and shopping behaviours, from ‘last minute panic shopper’ to ‘wise shopper’. The message of the campaign is, no matter what kind of shopper you are, Intu understands and can make your Christmas shopping experience better.

US Readers' Favourite

Overall Rating
5/5 Vote

To promote its Cash Rewards credit card, Bank of America has rolled out a 30-second holiday spot featuring a young boy named Danny who is forced to run boring errands with his parents. However, his shopping trip becomes much more exciting as his parents transform into the action figures and toys he’s been dreaming of for Christmas.

Sponsor's Choice

Overall Rating
4/5 Vote

Royal Mail’s artistic campaign ‘Christmas 2016 Special Stamps’ is a testimony to the illustrator Helen Musselwhite, who hand crafted these intricate paper sculptures, cutting and folding the paper to build the detailed and multi-layered festive scenes, which were then photographed. The six stamps celebrate a number of cherished UK Christmas traditions – decorating the Christmas tree, making a snowman, hanging out a stocking, eating a Christmas pudding and lighting a Christmas lantern. Also featured is a robin redbreast, which is synonymous with Royal Mail and has a strong association with sending and receiving cards. Its appearance on cards was inspired by red coats worn by postmen in Victorian times, who were known as ‘red-breasts’. This colourful yet visually uncomplicated collection of Christmas stamps exposes more than is initially noticed, from their detailed creation to the communication of the Christmas spirit and Royal Mail brand. - Jada Balster, marketing director EMEA, Workfront

The 7 December Creative Works also features work from Boys & Girls.

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