Addressable TV may reach 60% of US households in 2017 but for marketers the time to test is now

The ability to target individual households through advanced TV is not fully automated, but industry leaders note that by 2017 60% of US households will be addressable. Experts also suggest that now is the time for marketers to work addressable TV in to their overall spend.

“Through this year, maybe a third of US households are addressable,” according to Neustar's development director Lock Dethero who spoke to recently. “Next year, we could be up to 60% of US households, given some new TV providers that are becoming available and some other smart TV sources.

“Now’s the time to do tests. If an advertiser has not applied their CRM data or tried addressable TV to figure out where it fits in to their overall mix, they should do a test, with at least one of these TV providers, with some reasonable spend," he said.

Neustar is a marketing tech company that is fairly new to advanced TV but has spent the last 20 years honing its identity, platform and analytics model and of late one of its biggest inroads is in advanced TV.

"We now have multi-touch attribution links at a granular level all the way to television," Dethero notes. "We help the CMO look at its entire spend. Too many people think I’ll start doing addressable TV when I know it’’s fully automated. Well, it’s not going to be fully automated any time soon but the time to plan is now."

Originally, Neustar spun out of Lockheed Martin at a time when people needed one company to transport their phone number from one carrier to another and act as a clearinghouse for networks. Fast forward to today and the company has re-purposed its competencies into marketing with its biggest breakthrough being the acquisition of Marketshare.

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