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Blippar underlines visual search ambitions with facial recognition feature

Blippar facial recognition

Blippar, the augmented reality app that helps brands and publishers interact with everyday objects through their smart devices has revealed a new scanable objects – faces.

The company, which is looking to position itself as the frontrunner in the newly emerging realm of visual search, has added facial recognition to its feature set.

Dubbed ‘Augmented Reality Face Profiles’, users can scan faces, from a person’s head or an imagine on TV or in a magazine, and upon recognition it will access a series of personal information about the select person.

Looking to dash the complaints of privacy advocates, Blippar has made the feature entirely opt-in, ie. your face is only ‘Blippable’ if you want it to be.

Pre-launch, 70,000 public figures were made available. To build upon this, generic users will be able to add themselves to the network.

"A recent update to the Blippar app allows people to recognize/'blipp' many public figures from today onwards," said a Blippar sentiment.

"A very exciting feature for users to create their own face profile in augmented reality will also be launching very soon."

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