ARTE allows fans to create their own short animated videos

ARTE France, Doncvoilà productions / ARTE France, Doncvoilà productions

ARTE France launched autograf, a platform that generates short animated videos based on descriptions of series and films. The tool was created in partnership with Doncvoilà productions and the French cultural website SensCritique.

Fans can decide whether they want to create an autograf themselves or if they prefer watching already submitted ones. To create one, they must first enter the title of a film or a series. Users then have 400 words to describe the plot in their own words. All of the words marked yellow will be turned into animated objects. Once the editing process is completed, participants have to indicate whether their text contains any spoilers or not. Next, they are asked to provide a pseudonym and an e-mail address to which ARTE sends a link to confirm the submission. The animated video will be created and released after staff members reviewed the text.

All videos based on user-submitted texts are featured within an integrated gallery. The text is being narrated by either a male or female computer-animated voice. Moreover, the short clips are sharable across Facebook and Twitter.

Nicole Greiner is a research analyst at VAST MEDIA, a media research and consulting company based in Berlin that provides international television industry leaders with qualitative competitive market analysis of digital entertainment and content marketing.

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