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Marketing Society’s Gemma Greaves named Top Trump of the industry as IBM’s Watson analyses delegates at Digital Podge

The Drum's Gordon Young presented the cards at Digital Podge 16 / Liz Henson Photography

The Drum’s Super Marketers Top Trumps game, created in partnership with IBM Watson and Winning Moves, was back with a vengeance today (2 December) as the attendees of the notorious Digital Podge 16 lunch were presented an AI analysis of their personalities.

Much like the first edition of The Drum’s foray into the world of card games, IBM’s Watson technology thoroughly scraped the Twitter profiles of Digital Podge’s 300 attendees to give them a score out of 100 on five metrics: adventurousness, altruism, fieriness, cheerfulness and assertiveness.

To make sure marketers’ egos were boosted/destroyed to the fullest extent, an overall score was also provided to play with.

So which marketers came out on top of the pile (literally)?

Well Gemma Greaves, global managing director of the Marketing Society, was undoubtedly the nicest person at lunch today, topping the list for both altruism (99/100) and cheerfulness (90/100). She also quantitatively has the biggest personality, topping the overall leader-board and proving nice guys do sometimes finish first.

"I don't try to be anybody but myself on Twitter," said Greaves. "So it's a real honour. I'm quite a grumpy person so the fact I've been called cheerful is lovely because I do try to be optimistic. I think it's testament to being yourself and that's what I try to be in everything that I do."

The card pack also warns the industry never to put Tash Whitmey, chief executive of Havas Helia, in the corner. She topped the class in assertiveness, scoring a near- perfect score in that category.

Also watch out for Data Powa’s Michael Flynn and the outgoing Sunshine managing director Nadya Powell – the fieriest of the bunch.

"I'm honoured," Powell said. "In the old days if you were called feisty or bossy it was an insult and I think people have started to realise that women can be fiery and still be professional and brilliant, so I was very flattered to be the most fiery person."

The good news is the marketing industry is, en masse, an adventurous bunch. Most people scored highest in this category, and a whopping 19 personal Twitter profiles scored 100 out of 100.

Reckon you can do better? You can play online and generate a virtual card. Also have a go at beating Donald Trump – a non-fiery altruist.

Who knew?!

The issue of The Drum sent to Cannes in June was the first to be edited by AI and included 1,000 bespoke Top Trump cards being posted to 1,000 industry individuals, placed on the cover of their own issue of the magazine itself.

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