US Creative Work of the Week:’s ‘Careculator’ uses Facebook data to determine how much you should spend on gifts this year

Every year, the holidays bring with them a fair amount of stress. Whether it’s Christmas Eve flight delays, last-minute shopping trips or awkward holiday work parties, it seems as though there’s no shortage of scenarios that will have you reaching for the egg nog.

Perhaps one of the biggest holiday stressors is budgeting for Christmas gifts. While everyone wants to impress their friends and family with the best possible presents, the reality is that most people can’t afford to splurge on every single friend and family member.

That’s why has created the ‘Careculator,’ a Facebook tool that scans a person’s Facebook interactions to help them determine how much money they should spend on each of their friends this year. By looking at likes and comments, the ‘Careculator’ decides how much each Facebook friend is “worth” before presents users with gift options that fall within the determined price range.

The cheeky tool is part of the Walmart-owned online retailer’s ‘#SpendLessOnThePeopleYouLove’ campaign, which is rooted in the belief that you can still buy someone a nice gift without hurting your bank account.

Created by R/GA, the ‘Careculator’ has been voted by readers as US Creative Work of the Week. Careculator by R/GA

Added 23 November 2016
Agency: R/GA
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