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Netflix calls out adblockers using Black Mirror's dark satire of modern technology

Netflix's answer to adblocking

Netflix is calling out adblockers in a bold campaign that echoes the dark and twisted themes from its Black Mirror series to address people using the software.

When people with adblockers visit certain sites, they will be greeted with a banner promoting the show and a message saying, “Hello ad blocker user. You cannot see the ad. But the ad can see you”.

The stunt is in the spirit of Black Mirror’s dark satire of modern technology and has been created by MullenLowe Mediahub as a way of ensuring the marketing for the show can still reach people who have adblocker software installed.

Non-ad block users will see a regular display promoting the show but both versions will link through to Netflix where users can watch it.

“We want to target this hard-to-reach audience and find a creative way to get their attention,” said Sean Corcoran, executive director of digital media and innovation for MullenLowe Mediahub. “We think it’s fun to talk to ad blockers directly. And in the spirit of the show, we are letting people know that they really cannot run.”

The intrusive nature of the campaign has left many publishers apprehensive about implementing it with only Slate, Mashable and The Next Web agreeing to promote the campaign.

The stunt manages to circumvent adblock software by detecting the JavaScript variable code used to shut out the ads and changing the background accordingly.

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