Millennial chats reveal they love Black Friday, Nike and Starbucks

Analysis of Millennial chats reveals they prefer brands like Nike and Starbucks. / Odyssey:

Blend, which describes itself as a Millennial group messaging app that combines group texts with images, videos and chat bots, said it analyzed public group chats of 300,000 Millennials over Thanksgiving weekend for frequency of mentions, as well as positive sentiment, in order to create a gauge of Millennials’ favorite brands and found Microsoft has overtaken Apple in social conversations among Millennials and JetBlue is the generation’s preferred airline.

In addition, Blend analysis revealed Black Friday was the most oft-cited shopping day of the weekend, appearing in 85% of Millennial chats. For its part, Cyber Monday was included in 14% and Small Business Saturday was present in just 1%.

Further, the most talked about method of shopping on Black Friday among Millennials was in-store by a whopping 72% -- versus online shopping, which appeared in just 28% of chats.

When it came to shopping categories, Millennials chatted most about computers (27%), followed by phones (23%), clothes (20%), motorcycles (11%), cars (10%), drones (6%) and kitchen appliances (3%), Blend said.

In addition, per Blend’s analysis, Microsoft, as noted, was the most chatted-about tech brand at 40%, followed by Apple at 32%, Google at 20% and Samsung at 8%.

Among airlines, Millennials talked most – and most positively – about JetBlue, which was followed by Southwest, United, Delta and American.

Blend’s research also showed Millennials chat about Nike far more frequently than Adidas or Puma – with Nike appearing in 81% of the chats, Adidas in 13% and Puma in just 6%.

Similarly, Starbucks dominates Dunkin' Donuts with 88% of Millennial chats, Blend said.

And, among retailers, American Eagle was most frequently mentioned in Millennial chats (51%), followed by Hollister (36%) and Abercrombie (13%).

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