Why animated content is giving brands like Aviva the edge online

By Jennifer Faull | Deputy Editor

November 26, 2016 | 4 min read

Brands that are using animated content can “stand out amidst the cluttered content jungle,” according to creative agency Gorilla Gorilla after it conducted a survey amongst 220 of the UK’s biggest brands.



Looking at five best-practice criteria including; ‘narrative idea and script’, ‘memorability and emotional connection’ and ‘brand consistency’, a panel of judges concluded that Google, Apple, Facebook and Dropbox were the brands best using the medium to effect.

“Google is overwhelmingly the stand-out brand” said Gorilla Gorilla creative director Dean Beswick “From simple explainers to more emotive people-led animated stories they employ a consistent tone of voice— managing to balance a light-hearted touch with often detailed or complex subject matter.”

However, a host of perhaps overlooked brands have also turned to animation in an effort to breathe life into tired sectors.

One such brand is Aviva, the UK’s largest general insurer which was found to have a consistent tone of voice and a recogniseable design aesthetic – and as such has committed to using animation.

“Animation allows us to go broader and deeper and to create a more unique style,” explained Pete Markey, brand communications and marketing director at Aviva.

“It allows us to bring features, concepts and benefits to life that other genres just can't do in the same way. With a product like insurance, other genres can feel a little flat whereas animation can really help create a rich and real tapestry of images to bring a concept to life.

“It's something we're passionate about and something we can really see is helping drive our brand and business success.”

Another company to have embraced animation in its digital advertising is FTSE 100 company Aberdeen Asset Management which has honed the craft over the years to come up with character-led content, consistent tone of voice, smart design and witty scripts.

“Animation, done well, draws people in. You can distil really complex messages, and make them not only digestible, but also entertaining and memorable,” said James Whiteman, head of investment communications, Aberdeen Asset Management on its decision to invest in animated content.

“It’s more playful by nature than other mediums which makes it a great way of engaging people, and giving them a glimpse of your brand personality. And as product offerings become increasingly commoditized, customers really want to understand the essence of who’s behind the product and what makes them tick.”

Here are the overall Top 10 brands in the inaugural Awesome Animation research:

1 Google

2 Apple

3 Facebook

4 Dropbox

5 Aberdeen Asset Mgt


7 Haagen-Dazs

8 M&S

9 American Express

10 British Gas


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