Do It Day Advertising

How some of the biggest names in newspapers gave up advertising space to back The Drum's Do It Day campaigns


By Jenny Cleeton, Social Media & Video Content Creator

November 23, 2016 | 3 min read

The Guardian, Evening Standard and Financial Times shared advertising space in their newspapers to showcase a selection of The Drum’s Do It Day challenges. These included ads from Digital Futures, O2 and Greengrass, Client Earth and the Eating Better Alliance, each designed by the teams.

Do It Day print ads

Do It Day print ads

No 2 Dirty Air Financial Times

On Do It Day, Client Earth designed two separate ads for The Guardian, Financial Times and Evening Standard. The Financial Times and Evening Standard featured the same clean ad with ‘London, it’s breathtaking’ written at the top with an inhaler working as the ‘L’. Using Do It Day to further the charities efforts to educate people in the UK about the dangers facing them from pollution, the simple ad shows how you can donate to help make London a cleaner city with the hashtag #No2DirtyAir.

No 2 Dirty Air The Guardian

In The Guardian, the team took a different approach featuring car fumes and ‘Let’s show them we’re fuming’ written across the ad. The ad again shows how to get involved in making a change to make London cleaner.


Eating Better Alliance continued to use humorous approach to getting men more involved in eating less meat with their cartoon body building using a stem of broccoli as his weights. The green and white ad asks readers various questions to find out if some people are ever #vegcurious.

The Future isn't written Yet

Digital Futures worked to persuade 100 agencies to give 100 unemployed youngsters a job opportunity in the marketing industry. In their print campaign which featured in both The Guardian and the Financial Times, the team styled “The future isn’t written. Yet,” to capture the attention of agencies before they took their double decker ‘#MeetTheFuture’ bus around London.

walk the talk

O2 and Greengrass used Do It Day as an opportunity to get men involved in the gender equality talk using their hashtag #WalkTheTalk following the media coverage of Theresa May’s shoes rather than her policies. Using the Financial Times and The Guardian, the team created a simple black and white ad featuring the information as well as instructions of how to get involved with an example of a pair of men’s feet.

As well as print ads, the Walk The Talk campaign and Vegcurious campaigns also created tv ads with the help of STV Creative which were aired on Do It Day.

Do It Day Advertising

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